The Eye of Desire

by gkurra

“I believe that by eliminating purpose, what I call awareness increases. Therefore my purpose is to eliminate purpose.”

- John Cage

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“THE EYE OF DESIRE dirties and distorts. Only when we desire nothing, only when our gaze becomes pure con­templation, does the soul of things (which is beauty) open itself to us. If I inspect a forest with the intention of buying it, renting it, cutting it down, going hunting in it, or mortgaging it, then I do not see the forest but only its rela­tion to my desires, plans, and concerns, to my purse. Then it consists of wood, it is young or old, healthy or diseased. But if I want nothing from it but to gaze, “thoughtlessly,” into its green depths, then it becomes a forest, nature, a growing thing; only then is it beautiful.”

- Herman Hesse (Essays on Life and Art)