Felicity and Depravity

by gkurra

From a terrific English translation of the Zhuangzi, we have this gem:

“This Mighty Mudball of a world spews out breath, and that breath is called wind. Everything is fine so long as it’s still.  But when it blows, the ten thousand things cry and moan.  Haven’t you heard them wailing on and on?  In the awesome beauty of mountain forests, it’s all huge trees a hundred feet around, and they’re full of wailing hollows and holes – like noses, like mouths, like ears, like posts and beams, like cups and bowls, like empty ditches and puddles: water-splashers, arrow-whistlers, howlers, gaspers, callers, screamers, laughers, warblers – leaders singing out yuuu! and followers answering yeee!   When the wind’s light, the harmony’s gentle; but when the storm wails, it’s a mighty chorus.  And then, once the fierce wind has passed through, the holes are empty again.  Haven’t you seen felicity and depravity thrashing and failing together?”