Digital Advertising: An Information Scientist’s Perspective

by gkurra

Jimi Shanahan and I co-authored a chapter for the book, Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval, published last month by Springer. Titled ‘Digital Advertising: An Information Scientist’s Perspective’, the chapter surveys some of the current science behind the fast evolving landscape of internet advertising. The chapter focuses primarily on sponsored search and contextual ads with an ultra-light sprinkling of other types of online advertising, such as Display. Here’s a link to the chapter from Springer Online: The book itself should be available from Amazon, et al. Since it’s part of an Information Retrieval book/series, the multi-faceted topics of display advertising, real-time-bidding, mobile, video, social, IP-TV, etc – fast growing areas that I’ve been focused on for the last several years are barely explored. The really cool thing about computational advertising, or the computational aspect of digital advertising, is that it is multi-disciplinary field, mixing it up with all kinds of interesting areas – machine learning, statistics, behavioral economics, information retrieval, macro-economics, auction theory, game theory, privacy, large-scale distributed systems, very very big data, predictive modeling, risk management, graph theory, and a number of other sub-fields.